Assignment 1

My name is Paul Devine and a graduate of the NOVA GIS certificate program. NOVA has been my main resource of continuing education and I’ve earned over 60 credits over 20+ years taking programming, database, and networking courses. I’ve worked as a software engineer for over 30 years and during that time, raised four children (two boys and two girls) with my wife Jill. During that time I’ve worked for several companies including Denro, TASC, SAIC, and CTA Space Systems.

This picture was taken for the company newsletter

The picture above is a me at 25 years old at my first job working for Denro in standing front of the air traffic control communications system racks to be shipped to Hill AFB.  The scope-looking device on the right is one of two Tektronix logic analyzers the company owned and used to debug the Z80 assembly language running on the system’s distributed processor boards. This picture was taken for the monthly newsletter.  As an entry level software engineer, I learned about and practiced system engineering processes equivalent to CMMI level 3 before we had the terminology describing as such.

According to ESRI, a Geographic Information System lets us visualize, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.

I was part of a software development team at SAIC maintaining a GIS extension called GeoRover (, an analyst productivity package for ArcGIS Desktop. The extension uses a COM object interface to access the ArcGIS SDK which performs the actual mapping of specified data.


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