Mystery of the Missing Base Map Data!

After we all had trouble loading base map data in class #2, I tried with my HP Windows 7 laptop at home with no luck using IE and Firefox (via GIS server) after logging into

This week I was in a training class at the AWS Herndon office using a Windows 10 on an Intel NUC PC with Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge (new Win 10 browser replacement for IE). I was able to log in with all browsers, but could not load any base map or layers with any of them!

Given the different Internet network links and browsers I’ve tried, I believed I was doing something wrong loading this content into a map! I’ve got to review the videos to review the procedure. There was no Internet delay at home or at AWS like we experienced at class.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, I was in the kitchen with my first generation iPad, which I use for reading e-books and web surfing. I went to because I couldn’t recall the NOVA-specific URL. To my surprise, a default base map appeared after clicking the Map link! I could display any base map selection and even apply additional layers from the “Search” for layers. I was doing all this while not signed in, just from

After trying this on my iPad, I duplicated the above with my HP laptop on As soon as I logged in with the ID and password set for, the base map disappeared and I couldn’t select any other. As a result, I believe the base map problem lies with the NOVA-specific version of

After logging out and going back to, I created a simple base map and saved it to my account name. I could then log into my NOVA account, recall the map, change base maps and add layers. We may have to save a “dummy” map to prime the account with some data that allows us to create a real map!


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