Nine New Enhancements to ArcGIS Online

The Fall 2015 issue of ArcNews has an interesting roundup of the new features added to ArcGIS Online (AGO) this past summer. The article is available online at: A complete list of changes made is available at ESRI’s web site: Its important track changes made to take advantage of new features as they become available as AGO is rapidly evolving. To summarize, the enhancements include:

Smart Mapping Transparency

Automatically adjust the size range so symbols, border widths, and transparencies look better across zoom levels.

Workflows and Design

User enabled editing and viewing of standards-based metadata associated with map elements.

Map Viewer, More Adaptable

The user can now sign into AGO directly from the map viewer so no work will be lost from within the viewer.

3D Scene Viewer Improved

Scenes generated in 3D Viewer can now be embedded in a website or shared via email or social media.

Enhanced Analysis

A new Analysis button located prominently at the top of the map viewer allows the user to interactively perform operations such as create viewsheds, watersheds, and trace downstream.

Feature Layer Updates

A new set of data collection templates are available for created hosted feature layers used with Collector for ArcGIS.

Growing Content

Base maps, The Living Atlas, and imagery services have been updated and expanded.

Amplified Apps

Five new AppBuilder themes and several widgets are now available. New widgets, map tools, and feature actions can be created with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

Better Administration

Improved account management tools are available to set user and group permissions, accesses, and sharing rights.


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