GIS Day – It’s Kind of a Big Deal!

This year’s GIS Day is Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  In addition to the activities taking place at GMU on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (, there are 21 additional events scheduled in the DC-Northern Virginia-Suburban Maryland region according to  On the main page, an interactive map allows you to pan around the world to see all the events that have been registered.  It’s interesting to read the event descriptions taking place!  Within the US, the most GIS Day events are located in the mid-Atlantic area and southern California (home of ESRI) is third.


There is an event registered at the ESRI headquarters in Redlands, California, but it may be a mistake, as it is listed as “adkdj” (see below). I sent a note to the email link listed in the dialog alerting them to the issue.


There is only one GIS Day event registered in China, hosted by the Hong Kong Geographic Information System Association.. The Mongolian Geospatial Association is also hosting an event and has done so for the last six years!  Both Alaska and Hawaii each have three events registered.

NOVA has hosted GIS Day activities starting when the Geospatial Studies Department was organized by Dr. Krimmer with speakers from NGA, ESRI, Spot Image, and many other companies. Pictures hang in the Reston Center of local politicians who visited during previous GIS Days.  Attended by both college and high school students, it has been a great opportunity to interact with GIS subject matter experts and eat some “interesting” cake!  I believe the following picture is from the 2012 GIS Day.


Over the years, I brought my two sons when they were young to NOVA GIS Day events. My older son now does mapping for an environmental engineering company and my younger son is a senior geography major at University of Mary Washington.  I believe GIS Day events at NOVA played a small role by allowing them to “hang out” with GIS people and learn about the field. I encourage everyone to bring a guest to this year’s GIS Day, especially a young person, who is considering career choices and might consider the geospatial sciences!


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