First week, CDC Influenza map

Check out the map below.  It looks very quiet across the US except for localized outbreaks in Oklahoma.  As we discussed in last week’s class, the CDC is one of the earliest social media input data map generators.

According to the CDC web site, many data sources are used:

The U.S. influenza surveillance system is a collaborative effort between CDC and its many partners in state, local, and territorial health departments, public health and clinical laboratories, vital statistics offices, healthcare providers, clinics, and emergency departments. Information in five categories is collected from nine different data sources that allow CDC to:

  • Find out when and where influenza activity is occurring
  • Track influenza-related illness
  • Determine what influenza viruses are circulating
  • Detect changes in influenza viruses
  • Measure the impact influenza is having on hospitalizations and deaths in the United States