Week 6: Blog Post #4

Nick’s initial map version was of Reston centered on the NVCC-Reston Center with the silver line and tree cover layer enabled with the World Topographical map as a base map. Called “Area around NVCC Reston campus”, I added features that might be of interest to students, such as local fast food restaurants and cafes in Reston retrieved from the ArcGIS Online server.  To emphasize the local roads, the tree cover and non-county trails features were removed.  I also added the campus location as a reference point and renamed the map “Area around NVCC Reston campus Version 2”.

The local Chipotle, Panera Bread, McDonald’s, and Starbucks locations were added to the map. To filter all the non-Reston locations, each restaurant location filter was set to “city is Reston”. If the restaurant layers (Panera Bread, McDonald’s) did not come with a predefined logo, unique color points were defined:


The final map, with the original scale, lists restaurants NVCC-Reston Center students may be interested in visiting. The local streets are more easily visible without the tree cover and trail layers.  The NVCC Reston location was created with ArcGIS Desktop as a single point shape file and uploaded to ArcGIS Online. The following screenshot shows the complete map with the data layers listed on the left: